A fire strategy is a necessity in every commercial building. You need to make sure that your employees and the public are safe if there is a fire.

The best way to ensure their protection is by having a fire strategy. It is a plan that outlines the best ways to keep everyone safe, such as using the fire exits, using fire extinguishers and calling the fire and rescue services.

The fire strategy is a combination of different ideas that a professional company should provide in the form of a documented report. We offer a detailed fire strategy report so that everyone in your premises knows what to do in the event of a fire.

Our company has experienced and certified professionals who can deliver precise reports that come with evacuation procedures and elaborate information about fire safety features in a building.

What Is a Fire Strategy?

Fire Strategy ChecklistA fire strategy is a map or a design of the building that helps to point out the escape routes if there is a fire. It follows all the compliance requirements for building regulations, including the following.

  • internal fire spreading
  • external fire spreading
  • understanding warnings
  • escaping the fire
  • utilising facilities that may help to put the fire out

Every commercial building or office needs a fire strategy, planned by a professional fire strategy company.

We can plan the fire strategy after going through the construction design or blueprint of the building. This stage helps us understand the best precautions and exit strategies that may work best for your premises. We will make sure that our plan complies with all the building regulations also.

Why You Might Need a Fire Strategy?

According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, every business, office, or commercial building should have a fire risk assessment. If you don’t have one and there is an inspection, you may get into a lot of legal trouble. So, it is better to get in touch with so that we can bypass that problem. Most importantly, the fire strategy can protect and safeguard your employees, customers, and the building.

A fire strategy helps to minimise the risks when there is a fire. It informs the employees about what they should do and how they should escape during such an emergency. With a detailed fire strategy, you can make appropriate arrangements like training your employees about fire procedures, how to use fire safety equipment, and following different fire safety measures. The local fire and rescue authority will check the fire strategy in detail. We make sure that they approve your report in the first attempt.

What Are the Benefits of a Fire Strategy?

As already mentioned, a fire strategy is a necessity in every business. It is not just about complying with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005; it is also about keeping your employees safe so that they don’t lose their lives while working. Some more benefits of having a fire strategy are as follows:

Training Employees

Fire training is crucial in every office. No one knows when a fire will strike. So, they have to be alert all the time and make sure they remember the basics of fire training. Our fire strategy report will include all the training details that your employees should perform. Unless you have the fire strategy, you may not know the precise training details that everyone should follow. Starting from how to use a fire extinguisher to gathering in an assembly area, we include everything in the strategy report.

Escape Routes

Fire Exit SignThe first thing that strikes everyone after a fire in the office is panic. Well, that’s the last thing you need in such a situation. Panicking leads to a complete mess as everyone tries to escape from every possible door and window. That’s now how it should happen. That’s why the fire strategy is essential. It points out all the escape routes in the report. You can laminate the escape routes and hang them on every floor so that employees know which exit to use during a fire.

Fire Safety Equipment

The fire strategy also includes the various devices that offices should have to prevent fire. For example, you can keep buckets of sand on every floor, fire extinguishers in every room, have a hosepipe connected to the primary water supply, and so on. We will inspect your office and come up with a list of items that you should have in the building to stop the fire from spreading.

What Does a Fire Strategy Report Cover?

A fire strategy is not just a documentation of pictures and diagrams that help everyone follow an escape procedure; it includes a lot of other things as well, including the following.

Evacuation Routes and Exits

Evacuation routes and exits are the routes that employees should use when there is a fire in the building.

Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarms

Every business should have active fire alarms and emergency lighting so that they can detect smoke and indicate others of the danger.

Firefighting Equipment

Fire extinguishers, blankets, buckets of sand, hose pipe connected to the water supply, and a variety of other things come under firefighting equipment. The employees should also get training on how to use these items.

Fire Rating of Doors, Floors, Walls and Structure

We inspect these structures and provide ratings according to their ability to prevent fire. You may have to change some of these structures or install fire doors if they have low ratings.

Fire Spread Issues

We specify the details of what everyone should do if the fire is spreading.

If you want your business, employees, and assets to be safe in the event of a fire, get in touch with us. We can carry out retrospective fire strategy reports with the promise to provide a report and support that will give you peace of mind.