Fire engineering is an important part of the building design for all modern structures. Fire engineering is so much more than prescriptive guidance. This type of engineering offers protection to a building, its occupants and the surrounding community.

In an ever increasing complex world, we use our experience and expertise to provide fire engineering consultancy and services to solve fire safety related issues and concerns.

We can prepare a fire strategy review during the first stages of development in order to identify any risk that may be discovered during the pre-planning phase. Our professional fire engineers have many decades of combined experience preparing complex schemes, and they are recognised throughout the UK for their ability to work around compliance and design related issues.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to working with and supporting our clients from the first stages of review, during the early design concept phase and offer a complete and detailed documented fire strategy. We will use our expertise that we have acquired from working on projects of all sizes and across many different industries.

If our standard fire engineering plans do not offer the best design for a client’s structure, we will create a bespoke solution for their fire engineering needs. In addition, we also offer fire risk assessments and fire safety management services for finished projects that ensure protection and compliance for the duration of the building’s lifespan.

Fire Engineering Services

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire in BuildingA fire risk assessment offers in-depth analysis of any risk to life and property, and a fire safety engineer will make the necessary recommendations so that the structure is in compliance with Fire Safety (Regulatory Reform Order) 2005.

Fire risk assessments are beneficial because they offer tenants, building owners and occupants guidance on the different risk levels that are in a building and the actions that are needed to address these issues. By doing so, business owners/responsible person will ensure the building is in compliance and there is a reduced risk of further enforcement actions by the regulating authorities.

Fire Safety Design

With fire safety design, there are several components that are used when creating the design to minimise loss of life and property. These components are:

  • Prevention
  • Communication
  • Escape
  • Containment
  • Extinguish

During the design phase, our experts can include passive structural protection points that offer a level of fire protection. We can also design escape routes within the design that will allow occupants to reach a safe location without succumbing to smoke or heat.

Fire Safety Management Audits

Fire safety management is essential because it helps to protect property, lives, the environment and the workplace. Fires can have a long-lasting, negative impact on property and can affect a company’s reputation, insurance costs and profitability.

However, business owners who choose to utilise the services of a fire safety company will have access to a team of experts who are trained to help clients make the best decisions on ensuring fire safety whilst being more proactive in managing risks.

Fire Safety Management Plans And Systems

A fire management system consists of a detailed plan for fire safety management. It combines all of the documentation an owner/responsible person will need in one place. A system for fire management can include:

  • An evacuation plan
  • Strategy to control smoke and fire
  • Strategy for fire protection
  • Strategy to fight fire on the premises

A fire safety company can design and plan the proper procedures to make sure occupants stay safe and fire risks are reduced. When a building has a complete fire management system in place, the responsible person/owner can be assured that the building is in compliance and that assets and lives will be saved in the event of a fire.

Fire Strategy Reports

Every business and commercial structure needs to have a fire strategy. It is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure that the public and the building’s occupants are safe if the building is on fire.

The most effective way to make sure that people and property are protected is to have a fire strategy in place. A fire strategy report is a document that details how everyone can stay safe if a fire starts, and it also includes information regarding fire exits, how to contact fire and rescue services and also how to use fire extinguishers.

Our company can deliver these important and timely reports along with procedures that can be used during an evacuation. The reports will further elaborate on fire safety features in the building. We will make sure that we create a fire strategy report that will be approved by local fire and rescue authorities the first time.

Fire and Smoke Modelling

Advancements in technology have indeed proven to be an invaluable resource. Computer modelling programs that have changed the approach of fire and smoke emergencies. Fire modelling are experiments that are carried out to help in predicting the spread of heat and smoke from fires. Our fire engineering consultants use the computational fluid dynamics (CFD modelling) applications to make fire models that expose the vulnerability of a building in case of a fire.

Fire and smoke modelling offer a means of validating and testing smoke control and management systems performance, and the rate of smoke is spreading in a building. Performance-Based and objective-based codes will leave room for design flexibility and innovative ideas. A computational fire model can show how the fire in the room developed, which is a handy tool for fire investigators.

Our specialists can carry out engineering analysis, validation, and CFD studies. It’s integral that fire safety professional is conversant with fire engineering principles, management, smoke control and are equipped with the latest fire and smoke simulation software.

Means Of Escape / Evacuation Plans And Procedures

Directional and Exit SignsA procedure for fire evacuation includes important instructions that must be followed by the occupants of a building in the event of a fire alarm or a fire. All formally written fire evacuation plans must meet the regulations set forth in Article 15.1(a) of the Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

By using our years of experience, we will assess the structure and create a fire evacuation plan that includes special evacuation plans for those who are disabled. We will de-brief our findings to designated staff members and provide a detailed report of the findings.

Statutory Approval Support

As an experienced fire safety company, we are qualified to provide our clients with a broad range of fire engineering services. With these services, our clients are better prepared to be granted statutory approval during the construction and design phases.

We are able to accomplish this by:

  • Providing feasibility studies
  • Offering fire safety strategies
  • Offering advanced fire safety design
  • Offer detailed designs for fire strategy

Our team of experts have years of experience ensuring building safety throughout the UK. We offer our clients reassurance that every aspect of fire safety has been taken into consideration from both a compliance and a health perspective.

What Is Fire Engineering?

Even if two buildings appear to be the same, they are not. Although they may have the same functional needs, every building is unique and is made of different types of materials. They also have different types of layouts and shelter different types of occupants.

Fire EngineeringFire safety engineering utilises the latest methods in fire protection along with engineering methods to minimise the impact a fire can have on a structure. These methods are combined with other cost effective solutions that do not skimp or jeopardise the safety or resilience of the building.

Fire engineering offers another approach when it comes to building designs. This focused approach helps to ensure that the occupants and the structure itself remain safe from fire related dangers. This approach goes beyond simply making sure that the building is in compliance with design documentation.

As fire engineers, our main goal is to provide customised fire safety engineering solutions for our clients so that a desired safety level is provided.

Fire protection is an investment that is not only important, but it is a crucial investment that must be considered for each construction project. Our clients turn to us to make sure that their buildings are in compliance with the recognised guidance and standards that have been set forth in legislation. They also choose us to make sure that their buildings meet and exceed fire safety expectations.

What Are The Benefits Of Fire Safety Engineering?

The techniques that are a part of fire engineering safety are very useful when there needs to be a resolution for conflicts that are related to fire safety building codes and/or when there is a need to identify solutions that are not only cost effective but that will also meet the safety and protection standards. In short, fire safety engineering offers protection that is necessary to save buildings, lives and a company’s reputation.

What Is Fire Safety Design?

It is important that buildings are designed so that they provide an adequate level of safety from fires, as well as minimise occupants’ risk of being exposed to smoke, fumes and heat. This means that the main goal for a building’s fire safety design is to drastically reduce the potential for injury or death inside of a building for not only the occupants, but for emergency personnel.

Protecting the contents that are inside of a building is another important aspect of a fire safety design. The goal is to have as much of the building as possible remain intact and function after the fire is extinguished.

To sum it up, fire safety design options are put into place to:

  • Control fuel and ignition sources
  • Make sure occupants are notified of any active fire threat potential
  • Make sure that occupants are able to evacuate the building safely
  • Help limit the spread of fire and keep it contained as much as possible
  • Make sure the fire can be extinguished quickly without causing too much damage

When business owners and investors demand the latest and best fire safety advice, they turn to us for fire engineering consultancy and services. They trust the knowledge they receive through our continued advice and support.