Running a business can be a rather complicated affair. With so many processes and procedures, as well as inevitable staff issues and productivity concerns, it is little wonder that sometimes certain areas of business can get a bit neglected.

However, when it comes to the safety of employees, as well as business premises, compromises can’t be allowed.

In instances where fire doors are not inspected regularly and installed or maintained as needed, the safety of employees can be put in jeopardy.

When a business fails to comply with Fire Safety Regulations, the impact on the business can be nothing short of devastating.

Fire door installation and maintenance is a specialised area and one that we have gained many years of experience. We bring our expertise to every task we take on to ensure that all of our clients can feel confident and secure within their business premises.

Fire Door Installation and Maintenance Services

Fire Door InstallationSince correct fire door installation is essential, as well as regular maintenance, we are sure that you are keen to find a team of professionals that can care for this crucial safety procedure for you.

You can be assured that from the moment you first make contact with us until we are signing off on your fire door installation, you will be met with nothing short of professionalism.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with fire door services that are cost-effective and meet regulations.

Fire doors are an integral part of business safety and need to be installed and maintained by a competent team. We boast years of experience within the trade, as well as a professional outlook and a variety of cost-effective solutions.

Let’s take a look at a few common questions related to fire door installation and maintenance.

What Is a Fire Door?

Buildings are designed to delay the spread of fire if such occurs. This is done by dividing a building into fire compartments, each one typically being linked by a fire door.

Fire doors are made of up various components, all of which contribute to them being the first line of defence in the event of a fire.

Fire doors allow the flow of traffic around a building but work to delay the spread of flames, as well as smoke, if a fire occurs.

Fire in BuildingNot all fire doors are the same, the extent to which a fire door will act as a barrier to fire and smoke will depend on where it is located in the building and any fire hazards which have been identified within the building. These factors will impact the choice of a fire door.

It is easy to see how vital fire doors are within a business premise. When installed correctly and maintained regularly, they can be the crucial factor in giving the occupants of the building enough time to escape from a fire. As well as provide a sufficient amount of time delay so that the fire services can arrive at the scene and tackle the fire before an immense amount of damage is caused.

Can I Fit a Fire Door Myself?

The correct installation of fire doors is essential, so you should not attempt to install yourself. If a fire door is installed incorrectly, it can significantly cut down on the amount of protection time that the door provides.

Correct installation of fire doors is important, so unless you are certified for fire door installation, we highly recommend that you call professionals.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Fire Door?

Some fire doors are easier to fit than others, dependant on the door location, type and so forth. One door may only take a couple of hours to install while another may take considerably longer.

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