Assessing a property’s build quality, safety features, and fire-proofing demands years of experience.

Our fire engineers offer comprehensive external wall fire review surveys. They are experienced, reputable, and continue to set the standard in the industry.

Whether you are a property owner, property manager, surveyor or developer hoping to pinpoint whether or not a property passes the test, we have extensive knowledge when it comes to the completion of EWS1 surveys across the UK.

What is the External Wall Fire Review Process?

An external wall fire review entails a comprehensive assessment of your property’s fire safety standards. These standards are upheld by a trained professional to pinpoint whether or not the property meets regulations.

To do this, the assessor will go through details as required by the interested parties. The qualified professional will go through the property to focus on these qualities and will methodically fill out the accompanying EWS1 Form.

FireThe EWS1 Form is required to provide further information to valuers, lenders, buyers, sellers, and or residents. The review encompasses a complete set of details, and the goal is to make sure it is fully verified based on established legal standards for fire safety.

It’s important to note that only a single assessment is needed per building. Once the form has been filled and authorised, it will be valid for five years.

Most lenders in the UK use this as their go-to option for determining the fire safety standards of a property and will ask for this form as soon as it’s time to verify the property’s current structural integrity.

During the external wall fire review process, there are specific details the assessor will go through one by one which can include carrying out a cladding inspection. These details are crucial in determining the property’s quality.

An example of this would be assessing potential external wall systems relevant to the property and how it has been designed. This is important when it comes to multi-storey and multi-occupied structures. The same applies to buildings where balconies are common since these can add to the risk of a fire spreading.

There is going to be a set of steps completed before the form is authorised. The steps will include:

  • Inspecting the site
  • Checking for potential combustibility
  • Completing the External Wall Fire Review Survey
  • Completing and signing the EWS1 form

The fire engineer will take the time to go through each detail to figure out whether or not certain materials may pose a fire risk.

EWS1 External Wall Fire Review Process Flow Chart

EWS1 External Wall Fire Review Process Flow Chart

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To make sure all stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, lenders, and the government are satisfied, we take pride in offering access to trusted fire engineers. These assessors are well-qualified to assess fire risks associated with old and new properties.

We are always happy to answer questions related to the EWS1 Form assessment process. The goal is to ensure the results are comprehensive and provide a complete assessment of the external wall, and that they meet the required standards. Contact us for a EWS1 survey and EWS1 certificate today.