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Who Is Responsible for Completing a Fire Risk Assessment?

Completing a fire risk assessment ensures the safety of the people in the building and also to protect the building from damage but, who is responsible for completing a fire risk assessment? What are the duties of the person who is deemed responsible for doing the assessment? Find out the answers to those questions in Read more »

What Is the Fire Safety Bill?

The proposed Fire Safety Bill is intended to make sure that residents of high rise buildings feel safer in their homes by significantly reducing fire risks. The Bill was specifically crafted as a response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy to keep such an event from ever happening again. The main aim of the Bill is Read more »

Asbestos Surveys

The UK has many historical buildings. Travelling across the country will attest that many of the properties were not built in this century. When most of the buildings in the country were being constructed, asbestos was a favourite and key ingredient for many building professionals because it could be easily sourced, it had many benefits Read more »

Fire Alarm System Surveys, Design & Installation

Fire alarm systems play a vital role in the detection of fire. All premises must be equipped with an appropriate fire detection system according to UK fire alarm safety regulations. With an effective fire alarm system installed in your building, any fire outbreak will be detected easily, and occupants alerted in due time. Failure to Read more »

Fire Door Installation & Maintenance

Running a business can be a rather complicated affair. With so many processes and procedures, as well as inevitable staff issues and productivity concerns, it is little wonder that sometimes certain areas of business can get a bit neglected. However, when it comes to the safety of employees, as well as business premises, compromises can’t Read more »

Fire Damper Surveys

Keeping your building’s fire dampers in perfect working order is essential when it comes to safeguarding the safety of all occupants in the event of a fire. Failure to do so not only exposes the building and its occupants to serious fire safety risks but also amounts to non-compliance to the legal requirements set out Read more »

EWS1 External Wall Fire Review Surveys

Assessing a property’s build quality, safety features, and fire-proofing demands years of experience. Our fire engineers offer comprehensive external wall fire review surveys. They are experienced, reputable, and continue to set the standard in the industry. Whether you are a property owner, property manager, surveyor or developer hoping to pinpoint whether or not a property Read more »

Passive Fire Protection Surveys

You cannot ensure the safety of your employees and customers without inspecting passive fire protection. Current fire safety legislation imposes everything from fines to criminal charges for business managers and owners that neglect to put in place appropriate fire safety measures. To ensure your company ticks all the boxes when it comes to legislation, you Read more »

Fire Compartmentation Surveys

Fire compartmentation is one of the best and most effective means of protecting lives and property from the hazards of fire. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most ignored means of ensuring a building has safe means of escape for occupants that companies have at their disposal. Compartmentation provides the subdivision of the building’s Read more »

Fire Stopping Surveys

In an ideal world, a building would never catch fire, and businesses would operate without worry for safety or damages. Unfortunately, fires are a real risk, and it’s up to the company owner to ensure that workers and customers are protected inside one of their buildings. Implementing fire stopping techniques is one of the essential Read more »